April 30, 2016 WILL BE HERE SOON: The Submission Only State Championship
2014 Submission State Championship

GI Divisions


Juvenile 13-15 Advanced Lightweight


1st Zain Farmer (Relson Gracie-Lexington)

2nd Bethany Thomas (Relson Gracie-Lexington)

3rd Drake George (Relson Gracie-Athens)


Juvenile 13-15 Beginner Middle Weight


1st Kelly Horvath (Relson Gracie- Lewis Center)

2nd Blake Widrick (Relson Gracie-Lexington)

Michael Dovenbarger (Relson Gracie-Lexington)


Juvenile 16-17 Blue Belt Lightweight

1st Katie Seher (Relson Gracie-Lexington)

2nd Kelsey Duff (Relson Gracie-Lewis Center)

Nicholas Cramer (Relson Gracie-Lexington)


Women White Belt Middleweight

1st Suzanne Tkach (Relson Gracie- Lewis Center)

2nd Claire Burke (Relson Gracie-Lexington)


Adult White Belt Lightweight

1st Justin Metcalf (Relson Gracie-Lewis Center)

2nd Justin Kendrick (Relson Gracie-Athens)

Mason Plyler (Relson Gracie-Cleveland)


Adult White Belt Middle Weight

1st Greg Palmerton (Relson Gracie-Lexington)

2nd Anthony Mirville (Relson Gracie-Athens)

Justin Lutz (GF Team)


Adult White Belt Heavy Weight

1st Derek Wilhelm (Relson Gracie-Lewis Center)

2nd Mack Owens

Matthew Ziff (Relson Gracie-Athens)


Master White Belt Middle Weight

1st Urs Petty (Relson Gracie-Lexington)

2nd Travis Stevens (Ten Bears)

Bill Killian (Relson Gracie-Lexington)


Adult Blue Belt Light Weight

1st Jon Plazak (Predator MMA)

2nd Gio Masi (Relson Gracie-Lexington)

Nick Hartsough (Relson Gracie-Lewis Center)


Adult Blue Belt Medium Heavy

1st Ian Lashley (Team Ronin)

2nd Charles Huber (Triumph BJJ)

Mark Hartsough (Relson Gracie-Lewis Center)


Adult Blue Belt Heavy Weight

1st Chico Bays (GF Team)

2nd Richie Council (Relson Gracie-Lewis Center)

Garry Hashman (Relson Gracie-Athens)


Adult Blue Belt Ultra Heavy

1st Tyrone Taylor (Relson Gracie-Lexington)

2nd Ben Cooper (Relson Gracie-Lexington)

Shaun Kinser (Relson Gracie-Lewis Center)


Master Blue Belt Super Heavy

1st Mike Williams (Rio Pro BJJ)

2nd Phill Hetzel (Relson Gracie-Lewis Center)

Will Deaton (Relson Gracie-Athens)


Adult Purple Belt Light Weight

1st Carlos Mendez (Relson Gracie-Athens)

2nd Hector Lescano (Relson Gracie-Cleveland)

Aaron Cleveland (Relson Gracie-Lexington)


Adult Purple Belt Heavy Weight

1st Rocky Edwards (Top Dawg MMA)

2nd Caleb Frasher (Grove City Jiujitsu)

Jim Decredico (Strong Style Brasa)


Adult Purple Belt Ultra Heavy

1st Chad Fields (GF Team)

2nd Shawn Fritz (Relson Gracie-Lewis Center)

Chris Tedjeske (Relson Gracie-Lexington)