April 30, 2016 WILL BE HERE SOON: The Submission Only State Championship
American Jujitsu League Sanctions Submission Addiction

American Jujitsu League Sanctions Submission Addiction

Columbus, OH – We are proud to announce that the popular Submission Addiction tournament is now an officially sanctioned American JuJitsu League event. Sport Jujitsu competitors will be competing in Submission Addiction on April 30, 2016 as a qualifying event for the USA National Team, to represent the United States in National and International Competitions.

The AJL is an organization that includes a specific competition format based on the techniques of jujitsu, but remains inclusive for participation by practitioners of any and all styles of traditional and non-traditional martial arts; including, but not limited to, the general styles of Traditional Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judō, Karate, Tae Kwon Dō, Kung-Fu, Kickboxing, Sambo, Savate, etc..

American Jujitsu League events are family friendly martial arts sporting venues, with competitors of all ages. The AJL format includes light/controlled contact striking and kicking, throwing techniques and takedowns, and ground grappling. You do not have to be an AJL member to compete; however, this is a USA National Team qualifying event. AJL memberships will be available on-site.

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